Ampersand Fashion is a semi-annual show that displays the best of modern and elegant fashion. With premium designers from around the globe coming to reveal the best of their creativity, you are bound to be captivated by the immaculate and detailed clothing designs. Culture abounds in the immersive experience of our shows, with our goal being unity: all people brought together by a common passion for design.


We started as an independent fashion company, owned by Stefan Smith and Carrie Cooleigh. The brand name came from the infinite expansion of creative ideas that we wanted to implement, characterized by the &, because there is always something else to discover. Based in Chicago, our brand really expanded and gained traction when we started doing local shows. People loved the unique designs we created and soon wanted to see more. We partnered with Louis Vuitton to bring the first global show to Chicago. It was only a matter of time before other designers wanted to get involved, making us one of the world’s largest US fashion companies and US fashion shows.




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&mpersand Fashion